Clinical Hypnotherapy foundation course

You learn – Self Hypnosis and Self Empowerment

Duration: 3 hours

Fees: 1500/-



Prosperity consciousness

Description : Become the creator of your own financial reality, learn what is abundance, and how to create abundance, and how to open yourself to receiving from all ends.

Duration : 1 day work shop (9:30 to 5)

Fees: 8000/-


The gift of Forgiveness

Description : Understanding forgiving, understanding what it takes to forgive, how life changes after making that one decision, so do you what to gift forgiveness to yourself and to others?

Duration : 2 hours

Fees : 2000/-



Past life Regression Workshop- Understanding How PLR Therapy works

Description: Understanding of how repetitive patterns or issues  in our lives can sometimes be triggers coming from our Past Lives be it abusive or unfulfilling relationships, continuous failure in academic or business ventures, unexplained phobias etc and how past life regression therapy through Hypnosis can go a long way in healing us and changing our lives for the better. An unresolved past lives can also continue up to our present lives.

Duration: 3 hours

Fees: Rs. 2000/-


Inner Child Workshop

Description:  Sudden outburst of temper tantrums, anger, depression, Unforgiveness, patterns of continous unfulfilling relationships may be an indication of our hurt inner children, that part of us that got disintegrated  and refused to grow up. Do you know most of our emotional and mental issues in our lives are due to our hurt inner children? An inner child can also come from an unresolved Past Life.

Duration: 3 hours

Fees: Rs 2000/-


Reiki level-I

Description:  In this workshop you will learn what is Reiki, How it works, Understanding of our Chakras, 5 principles of Reiki, Mind Body connection, features of Reiki and so much more.

Duration: 10 hours, will be divided into 5 hours each day for 2 days

Fees: 4000/-


Reiki Level –II (Pre-requisite Reiki Level 1)

Description: In this workshop you will learn one of the 3 symbols of Reiki, Meaning and functions of those symbols in healing,  absentee healing, programming Reiki, Reiki Wish Box, Creating future with Reiki, Healing relationships, Healing the Dead, Healing struggles, Healing worries/Mental and Emotional Patterns.

Duration: 10 hours, will be divided into 5 hours each day for 2 days

Fees: Rs 6500/-


Reiki Level IIIA- (Pre-requisite Reiki Level 1 & 2)

Will be announced soon.



Angel work shop

Description: Did you know you have guardian angel? Work with your guardian angels for your highest good, learn to channel messages, and get guidance, from them. (Introduction  course)

Duration:1 DayFees: 8000/-


Crystal Healing work shop

Description: what are crystals, how to use crystals to your healing and wellbeing: learn how to balance your chakras and unblock energy with crystal

lPre-Requisite: Reiki Level 1 and Level 2

Duration: 1 day

Fees: 6000/-



Description : Understanding LOVE, this class is not for everyone, only for the one who want to understand LOVE from a  higher dimension. 

Duration: 2 hours

Fees: contribution basis