Mind Sanctuary is a mental health clinic, and holistic healing centre in Navi Mumbai that uses a very versatile approach, in dealing with your issues, in Mind Sanctuary we help clients by employing a holistic approach like psychotherapy, counselling, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Access Consciousness, crystal therapy, Angel Therapy, meditation, chakra balancing, emotional freedom techniques, emotional empowerment techniques and metaphysics.

On the spiritual side, we encourage you to live a healthy life, harness thoughts emotions and ideas that will sow the seeds of joy, prosperity, independence, self love, forgiveness and growth as a person. We also love to spread the emotional awareness that has transformed our lives, allowing you to carry the splendour in your own life, to create the rainbow of hope, abundance and joy.

We constantly put ourselves through a lot of stress each day, day after day, we are so busy doing our routine chores that we forget, that we just have this one life to live and to use all the luxuries that we are so persistently creating wealth for, we seldom thinking of nurturing our minds and bodies, as we are in this constant hurry to meet deadlines, catch a flight, make a presentation…..and you know the list continues. Let’s be honest, how often to do stop and give yourself the undivided quality attention that you truly deserve? Why you are always last on your list of priorities?


Why are you choosing to suffer in silence? When help is just a choice away, is it so hard to make that choice. Learn to love yourself with us, as we redefine you into being the infinite being you always were, come and walk this journey of transformation from a cocoon to becoming a beautiful butterfly, open your wings, it’s time to fly…..!!!!!!!


At Mind Sanctuary we conduct free workshops every month on topics such as:


Happy Couple workshops

Prosperity consciousness

Access consciousness

Inner child workshops

Age regression

Inner Child Therapy

Past life regression

The gift of forgiveness

Emotional enlightenment

A sneak peek into the spirit world

The magic of reiki

Magnificent womanhood

The joy of parenting

Meditations and more……..

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