Mind Sanctuary is dedicated to helping you in building beautiful relationships, with your spouse  Relationships….. Whether you believe it or not you are the creator of the quality of relationships you have. It is always easy to blame the other person for the disturbed relationship we are in, this might seem a bit harsh on you or even bizarre to you, one usually starts thinking how am I responsible or even creating a relationship I don’t really wish to have.

Men and women are two beings destined to be together yet wired differently, and this precisely is the reason why a presented piece of information is taken so differently by men and women. Men are wired to process information more logically and women are wired to process information more emotionally, (example )but let’s not blame them for the way they are wired to process information, but rather let’s look at how you can improve your relationship with them

Men find it extremely difficult to understand what Women want, and I am saying this because men constantly keep saying oh my god I don’t understand this women, because you are trying to think as a man and not as a women, both in terms of perspective and emotions. The key here Is to get the points clear, trust me gentle men ,women are not the mystery you cannot understand or solve, please don’t take your  watsaap jokes seriously, where a man is described as a victim, and  women as the torturer. Instead take charge of your relationship, know that being a victim or feeling like one is only going to take you further away from a perfect relationship you all want.

Mind sanctuary, Navi  Mumbai , offers you a few free tips for men to revive your relationship with your partners:

Ask yourself a question; what do the women want the most, and if this doesn’t come in your mind then let me remind you,

*women always want to be loved, taken care of , and they are also the ones who require constant reminder, that their spouse still loves and cherishes them the most above all. But the men do not keep double guessing , if the women still loves him, the same way , and that is the reason she will always try to find out in all ways, sometimes she might just ask you, how much do you love me, for men this might come across as a very stupid or unnecessary question, he might ask himself, why is she posing this question to me, I am providing for her, the children are happy they have what they what, our social status is good, but then why does she keep asking, all the time, the point that I want to make here is, he feels when he completes his responsibilities without any reminders , he is doing pretty well, the constant reminders and reassurances of the I love You is not required for a man.

Women are constantly comparing themselves with other women; the media is doing a fantastic job in contributing for her to feel like that.(8 out of 10 women are not happy with their looks) they constantly hate what they see in the mirror, this in turn affects their self esteem. Men don’t do that, they are not comparing their looks with other men, they do not become insecure about their looks, and that is the reason she will constantly keep asking how much do you love me, or how do I look in that dress, know and understand she wants to know how do you feel about her.

So how do you get it right with the women who might have such complex emotions , you just have to make little efforts to show them, Communication by all means is one of the ways to show your lady, a simple three letter word that once won her heart, yes I Love you just like a pair of jeans never goes out of fashion, it is a powerful gesture, but men might find it awkward to say I love you after they have had kids and they have moved far away from the courtship period.

Praise her in everything that she does like doing household work; cooking and cleaning; teaching the kids, every small bit as she is not entitled to do it all on her own, let me give you a simple example, women always have a role overload, she is a wife, a mother, a daughter in law and so on and so forth, and all of these roles are extremely demanding, if she is staying at home, she has to wake up early to do things for the husband, for the kids, for the household, with absolutely no leaves, she works tirelessly if these efforts are appreciated and acknowledged and will not feel like she is taken for granted. If she is someone who also goes to work outside of the home, she has to do all of this plus most of the house hold work, husbands please remember to appreciate your women, please don’t tell her ohh my mom did this too, do not belittle her or compare her to other women. I would like to add quite a few things here to the list, but I need to also maintain the length of the article.

For women

A relationship is something that needs to be team work, so ill also be giving a couple tips to women if you want him to follow the tips given to him you must also understand that the man may also have his needs to be looked after.

We all make mistakes,  but women , please understand this respect his knowledge and his judgement: when your husband makes a decision, do not try to overrule him, and treat him like a child, as if he stupid and he doesn’t know what he is doing, and you’re the smart one here. For instance : I once had a couple who came to me for counselling; at Mind Sanctuary, Navi Mumbai  the man was so frustrated when he was narrating a experience where he happen to make a mistake, he was suppose to withdraw some money from the ATM, and the man punched an extra 0 making it a much bigger amount than they needed , and his wife was so furious that she started screaming at him at that very spot, making the  husband feel absolutely  like a piece of trash;  if this behaviour of a women is persistence, the man will slowly start holding resentment for you, and if that happens, he is slowly losing interest in you, which none of you women want.

Do not taunt the husband, and become hyper with him, they don’t like it, Trust his potential: do not laugh at him when he says that I want to do a particular thing, men have big egos, we may not want to accept this, but if we do understand this about men, what are you going to do to our marriages, we are only going to make our marriages more easy, if you can’t be encouraging of him at least be supportive you can keep your point later when if he is calmer in a very polite manner, show him your perspective and why he should consider your opinion. If you have any concerns about the way your relationship is going, please book an appointment with Mind Sanctuary, Navi Mumbai.