Each crystal has its own properties for physical healing and emotional well being. Crystal healing involves creating grids around our body as we lie down in a relaxed position, by placing a piece of crystal under our bed while sleeping or simply holding a piece of crystal in our hand and connecting to its energies which helps to remove stagnant or repressed emotions in our energy system or from our physical bodies. They have been used as amulets to ward off harm, as talismans to encourage virtues and as magical guardians to heal.

Crystal’s can also help us balance our energies, auras and chakras especially in our day to day lives when we are exposed to all kinds of stress, pressures and emotional upheavals’. By simply carrying a piece of crystal in our pockets or wearing them as bracelets/pendent’s can contribute in keeping us balanced.crystals also help you unblock chakras , that are vital energy weels, blockages inthe chakras usually leads to issues of varing degrees in the emotional and physical wellbeing.

 We all are drawn to different types of crystals and it is believed that crystals sometimes chooses us for eg if a woman decides to buy a crystal to help her attract a love partner she may end up buying a crystal that would help her in improving her low self esteem, as people with low self esteem may not always attract the right partner. Another example is, if I am someone going through a lot of inner turmoil in my life I may end up receiving a crystal as a gift that promotes emotional balance and releases pent up emotions.

We at Mind Sanctuary ,Navi Mumbai,  help you choose crystals of your choice or suggest crystals according to your needs. we conduct crystal therapy, to unblock your chakras, and teach you how to meditate with crystals.