WHAT OR WHO IS AN ANGEL?  The MERRIAM WEBSTER dictionary describes an ANGEL as a spiritual being superior to humans in power and intelligence; an attendant spirit or guardian, a usually white-robed winged figure of human form in fine art.

        Angels, being God’s messengers also help us during our daily lives and guide us when we are facing issues in our lives. Since the Earth can be a very difficult place for most of the people Angels step in to make our lives easier. With the shift in the Earth’s energies there has not been a better time to access beings of higher energies , Angels being one of them.

          We at Mind Sanctuary, Navi Mumbai connect to those beautiful and compassionate beings of light through Angel cards; they give loving and encouraging messages to those who want to receive guidance when faced with un-easy situations in their lives. We also conduct intense Angel Meditations to help clear and balance your Chakras and Auras which can contribute to our overall well being.

          When we ask for solutions from the Angels in our day to day lives, the solutions by Angels may not always come according to how we want it to be received, they may come as spiritual guidance, wisdom, come across a spiritual book or we may attract people who will guide us.

                    There are different hierarchies of angels and each is given  certain types work and responsibilities to look after.